Terms & Conditions

Your privacy

The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us. Please go through the privacy statement as it states all different types of data that we collect from the user and his device and how that data is used. Our privacy statement even describes how we use the content which is the mode of communication with other people, feedback or postings submitted by the user to UCMini through the services and the photos, files, documents, digital works, audio and the videos which are uploaded, store or sharing through services.

Your content

A lot of our services help the users store and even share their content or receive the data from other users. We would never claim the ownership of the users’ content. Your content will always be your content and you will be responsible for it.

Code of conduct

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will agree that while using the services, you will have to follow the below-mentioned rules:

  1. Don’t do any kind of illegal things
  2. Do not engage in any kind of activities which harm, exploit or threaten the children
  3. Do not send across spam, Spam is unsolicited or unwanted bulk emails, contact requests, postings, instant messages or text messages
  4. Do not display or use our services publicly for sharing inappropriate content or material, for instance bestiality, nudity, graphic violence, criminal activity, etc.
  5. Do not engage in any activities which are misleading or false that is asking for money under some false pretence, impersonating some person, manipulating the services for increasing the play count or impact the ratings, rankings or comments.
  6. Do not circumvent any kind of restrictions on an access to or the availability of services.
  7. Do not engage in any activities which are harmful to the services, or the others.
  8. Do not infringe on rights of the others for instance unauthorised sharing of the copyright music or the other copyright materials, resale or the other distribution of photographs or Bing maps.
  9. Do not engage in any activities which violate the privacy of other people.
  10. Do not help others in breaking the rules.


In case you violate the terms, we might stop offering services to you or may close your account. We can even block delivery of communications like instant messages or emails to or from the services for enforcing the terms. We can also refuse to publish or remove your data for some reason. While investigating the alleged violation of the terms, we have the right of reviewing your data for resolving the issue. However, we can’t really monitor all the services and we can also not make any attempt at doing so.

Using Third Party apps and services

The services would help you in accessing or acquiring the products, websites, services, links, materials, content, applications or games from the 3rd parties. A lot of our services would also help the users in finding the 3rd party applications and services and you would understand that you’re directing our services to offer 3rd part applications and services to you.