UC browser mini 2018

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UC browser mini 2018- the mini version of UC browser

The latest version of UC Browser Mini is out for Android. It is a useful app which has a very simple interface and all the necessary features which offer a smooth browsing experience. UC browser mini 2018 offers the fast browsing experience in tiny packages. It’s just like the fuller version of the browser but it is best for the lesser powerful devices. Along with a lot of features, it also has a night mode. In spite of its small size, UC Mini is a powerful browser which has almost all the required features.

Mission of UC Mini

Since the very beginning, the group has been focussing on offering a better internet mobile to users. They started in the year 2004 and since then they have been able to reach approximately 14% of the internet users worldwide. They offer mobile browsing services, web traffic, platforms for distribution of apps/games for free. The best part about this browser is that it is compatible with 3000 models. It has gained its position amongst the top 3rd party mobile browsers. It has also got the number one position in China and India.

The latest UC mini download is a free of cost mobile browser that’s available for desktops. It is available for all mobile platforms. It is the only web browser that’s available and also downloaded in all smart phones throughout the world.

Because of its high demand, UCWeb has launched a version that is just like a shadow of the UC browser that is UC browser Mini. UC mini is considered to be a fast web browser as compared to its size. It has a lot of add ons and according to the tradition that UCWeb follows, UC mini is also offered free of cost. It can be easily found in all the operating systems.

It has all traits of UC browser. It has all distinctive features because of which it is always ranked as one of the best web browsers. It is optimised in a way that when you type in the search engines or search for any pages, it compresses the website.

So if you open Google search in some other browser, then it would open it consuming approximately 5 MB data. With UC web browser, same page would be displayed with just 2 MB data.

UCWeb has recently launched its UC mini app for the mobile devices and it can be easily downloaded on any of the operating systems. With a speed that UC browser offers, any music or video would start downloading once you click on the link.

Features of Ucmini browser latest version

Below are some of the best features of the Ucmini browser latest version

1. Small size- the very small size of the app make it personal favourite of users
2. Navigation cards
3. Faster browsing experience- it offers a faster browsing experience
4. Smart downloading- it offers smart downloading option
5. Control videos with single gesture
6. Night mode- the latest version comes with night mode