UC mini offline Installer

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How is UC mini offline for PC better than any other web browser?

UC browser offline setup is a web browser suitable for PC which has been developed by UC Web which is a Chinese mobile web company. It used cloud acceleration and data compression technique and the servers act like a proxy that compresses and even renders data from the web pages before it is sent to the users. This process helps in loading content on the web faster than the usual time.

The offline browser installer also adapts to the network environments and supports multi-file format download. Also, it has HTML5 web application and cloud sync features UC browser also supports downloads simultaneously and includes a file manager as well as pages for reading offline. With this browser you can easily pause and resume downloading whenever required.

The offline installer is compatible with different versions of Windows like Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10, etc. It is available for 32bit as well as 64bit users. The interface that is incorporated in the browser is very sleek and thus it is easy to use. It does not have any toolbar or navigation buttons offering an uninterrupted browsing experience. But, the standout features make it different from others.

Features of UC Web browser

  • Faster downloads- with UC browser, you would be able to enjoy faster downloads with the options of pause as well as resume and a smart download manager.
  • Cloud sync- you may switch between the UC browser offline installer on other devices also by just syncing the opened bookmarks and tabs.
  • Data compression- with the improved data compressing technology, the browser can help you in saving more data and boosting the browsing speed.
  • Fun and easy to use- UC Web has the option of customised speed dial, add ons and themes, user friendly and unique features that help the users work easily. 
  • Video grabber- this feature helps the users download any video online with just 1 click.
  • Pop out video- this feature helps the users watch a video in a different window while they browse the internet.
  • Speed boost- the UC browser offline setup supports accelerated page downloading and file loading.
  • Built in ad blocker- UC browser helps in keeping away from the unwanted advertisements by enabling the ad blocker.

The UC mini download offline for PC edition runs and gives the feel of Google’s Chrome without the inbuilt PDF viewer and the Flash player. It employs Chromium Blink like Microsoft’s Trident, HTML5 which work better in Internet Explorer. It also includes two default themes offering the homepage round or square icons. It supports most of the Chrome extensions and has 2 of them installed already which are specific to the UC browser for desktop. It quickly renders everything thrown at it. UC browser for desktop adds various features that you might not be having. Thus, it is one of the best browsers for a user who like using Google Chrome but is looking for more inbuilt functionality or compatibility.