UC Mini Download

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1. What is UC Browser?

UC Browser is just like any other browsers that allow us to surf the internet by entering keywords. However, this particular browser is specifically designed for mobile. The browser is a product of a Chinese Internet company UCWeb, but it is owned by Alibaba Group of China. It was launched in April 2004 and since then it has been dominating the mobile internet market.

UC browser is compatible with all mainstream platforms including BlackBerry, Android,  iOS, Windows Phone, Java ME, Symbian, and Windows PC. The browser enjoys a number 1 position in China and India as a mobile browser. Globally, the UC Browser is the largest third-party mobile browser.

The browser provides its users a quick and user-friendly surfing experience. The UC Browser works like any other desktop browser. It can be downloaded for free from Google play store by visiting the website of UC Browser. The browser works wonders when it comes to saving data, quick downloading of videos, files and more. Besides, the browser also has some of the Google extensions such as Ad-Block. Through the UC browser, homepage one can even access music, trending videos, information related to sports mainly cricket.

If you are a fan of cricket, you can customize your preference to watch cricket live and check out match scores.

A mini version of the UC Browser is also available.

The mini version dubbed UC Mini also works in a swifter manner. However, it takes less of space when compared to the actual or parent browser. The browser is Android compatible and a UC browser APK can be downloaded from the Google play store.

2. Key features of UC Browser Mini app

UC Mini App is a popular and very useful light version of mobile browsing software UC Browser. This tiny sized amazing and free Mini browser millions of users all around the world because it gives a great browsing experience in a tiny package.

UC Mini browser millions of users all around the world
UC Mini browser millions of users all around the world

This app is an amazing app for those who like to keep to have some extra space on their devices for files and videos. The compact size of the app makes it one of the best and most preferred browsing app. It has been downloaded by millions for quick and speedy surfing.

  1. Compact In Size: UC mini App doesn’t take much space on your device. In fact, you can download this app with just a blink of your eyes. Downloading this app will take just tiny space on your device.
  2. Speed Dial Websites: Using the UC mini App one can quickly access one’s favorite websites with just one click.
  3. Local Feeds: Interested in knowing what is happening near your areas? This mini-app can provide you tailored news and latest happenings around your area while keeping you up-to-date about your locality.
  4. Speedy Browsing: UC browser is popular for fast browsing and this mini app also works in the same manner. It provides its users a speedy browsing at their same internet pack. No matter what internet pack you have, the UC browser mini can increase the rate of speed by which a website opens on your devices.
  5. Fast Downloading: The mini app doesn’t only let one to browser smartly but also do download. With UC Browser mini download one can download multiple files at the single point of time. This saves data and time.
  6. Gesture Control: The app is equipped with gesture command that allows the owner of the device to control videos with a simple With the gestures, the user can control volume and video progress.
  7. Auto Reconnection: The app has a special feature of auto reconnection that supports multiple processes to run in the background and cloud downloading.
  8. Incognito Browsing: The mini app also provides its users the privilege to browse in private without leaving any trace of his/her presence in the web world.
  9. Night Mode: The browser is equipped with almost all features to make the browsing easier for the user. Using this app one can browser even at night without squeezing one’s eyes. The browser has the option of night mode. The brightness of the browser is switched to the night mode when the user reads something at night or in dark.
  10. Low Specification: The mini app is a lot easier to download and run on a device. It doesn’t have complicated settings. It can be set as a default browser with ease.

The aforementioned are just some of the key features of the mini app that makes it one of the preferred browsing tools. More of its plus points can be discovered once downloaded and tries. If you haven’t tried it yet, here is a quick how to download UC Mini browser 2018 guide for you:

How to Download UC Mini browser download 2018?

The UC Mini browser has become the need of an hour because we need swifter browsing tool as we don’t have much time to wait for a website to load. Often websites take a lot of time to load on mobile devices when compared to laptops and desktops. The UC mini browser works wonders by speeding the rate by which a website opens or launches on a mobile device. If you also wish to experience the great speed, here is a guide for UC Mini Download for your Android devices:

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is launch the Google play store from your Android device and type in UC Mini App Download. A range of option will appear on the search page. From there select ‘Mini UC Browser 2018’.

Step 2: Download UC Browser Mini app on your device by clicking the ‘install’ button on the Google play store page.

Step 3: UC mini App will ask for special permission. Just click the ‘Accept’ button. The browser doesn’t require any special permission. The message that pops-up is by default and you don’t have to worry about it.

Step 4: On accepting the request, the downloading will begin and within a fraction of second the app will be installed.

Step 5: Now, the app is installed, all you need to do is open it. Click the open ‘button’.

Downloading the UC Mini browser app is quite easy and it doesn’t require any technical skills.

UC Browser For Mobile and PC

When UCWeb created UC Browser it has a vision in its mind to provide fastest and quickest browsing experience to all internet users. For this, the company first targeted the Smartphone market and gradually it entered the PC world as well.

The UC Browser is a quick and easy way of accessing various websites. No matter how heavy a website is, the UC browser works out ways to make it load on the user’s devices within fractions of seconds. There are various formats available for download, for example, Uc mini for an Android phone, UC browser for Mobile devices, UC mini for PC, UC browser for Laptop. One can choose the format that is most suitable and enjoy quick browsing. But one needs to understand that if one wishes to have UC browser for their mobile then they should search for keywords such as Uc mini for Android phone and UC browser for Mobile devices. And those looking to download UC browser for their PC or Laptop should search with the keywords like UC mini for PC and UC browser for Laptop. A UC browser for Android is not necessarily to work on PC compatible with Windows platform.