UC browser for PC

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Latest Version of UC Browser For PC Windows 7, 8,10

The latest version of UC Browser for PC Windows 7 has a fast speed and helps in saving resources. It adds safety features for a safe browsing experience. UC Browser 6.1 is quite efficient and helps in saving the device from malware and virus. It does not let the malware affect the computer.

The latest version also updates Chromium M-44 machinery for making the browser run fast, secure and stable. Simultaneously, it also fixes some of the UI bugs, and language. It helps the users in getting a good web browsing experience.

Now the users aren’t stranger to the UC browser for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian which are all known for privacy and speed. It is known to be a leading mobile web browser throughout the world. Apart from inheriting the benefits of the mobile version, this version of UC browser for Windows has a lot of features.

With all the changes in the latest version, the UCmini browser for windows desktops supports touchscreen. It helps the users in having an all-new experience with the PC running the Windows operating system while surfing the internet.

The key features of the web browser include:

Speed booster- accelerated file download and page loading

Video grabber- downloading online videos with one single click

Pop out video- watching video in a different window while surfing the net

Mouse gesture- smooth mouse gesture helps in making browsing easy and fast

Key aspects of the latest version

Apart from the productive tools, there’re certain other important things also which are of great help to the users. These tools include smart data files manager, night moder, cloud sync, etc. together with fresh looking and easy user interface. All these tools make this browser a wonderful choice for the users who are looking for a good change.

So, in general, UC mini for Computer has a number of similarities with the UC browser on the mobile devices from their interface to their functionality. However, the UC browser’s interface is approached nicely with design as simulator console that helps in limiting the consumption of the system resources. With the interface, users can change size for displaying more elements and may even customize them with the help of a theme.

You can also operate without a keyboard all thanks to the built-in keystroke which you can operate without the keyboard, thanks to built-in keystroke feature that allows users to enter the address or search the web. UC Browser also supports adding bookmarks from other browsers or from HTML files. It also provides an add-on manager, a convenient extension.

The browser is dominated by a single menu that includes many commands for managing history, bookmarks, and more. This is also where you can find the smart download manager, which allows you to pause or resume easily.

UC Browser is a lightweight, feature-rich and reliable browser that can replace your regular browsers. With excellent data compression, will help you browse faster and smoother.