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Download UC mini APK
UC mini gives you a good browsing experience with APK (Android Application Package). APK is a format of the file which is used to spread and install application software and middleware onto android operating system .UC mini APK has the simple interface yet it includes all the features which make your browsing experience very enjoyable. With its great features, it occupies very less storage. It is rewarded as the best APK browser in 2011 and 2012. It almost works as full version browser.


Features of UC mini APK: Here we will list some main features of UC mini APK are mentioned below:-

  • Data compression: -UC mini browser uses’ the data compression technology for optimization which makes the browser fast. Many browsers consume lots of data to show browsing contents but UC mini uses very fewer data as data compression reduce data consumption while browsing.
  • Cloud system: – UC mini APK has its own cloud system. If your system doesn’t have enough space to store the data, don’t worry UC mini-cloud system allows you to store the data from anywhere which u can access anytime. It also provides you protection from virus and protects it by username and passwords.
  • Immediate access: – UC mini provides you to access all the notifications from the world like cricket, news, jobs social media and much more. It also provides you with a quick search option with Google tab.
  • Smart downloading: -UC mini supports multiple downloading. It allows you to download in the background. If you don’t have enough space on your mobile you can use cloud downloading to save your data.

Here we will list some pros and cons of UC mini APK which will give you quick information about it:


  • Supports low version smartphones.
  • It has its own internal storage.
  • Provide you night mode to read better at night
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Provide local navigation cards
  • Controls video gesture and also help to adjust video volume ‘


  • UC mini browser despite having lots of features it still lacks if we compared it to another android browser like chrome, dolphin etc.