UC Mini APK Latest Version

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UC Mini is the smaller version of UC Browser which is simple, powerful, fast and light weight mobile browser. Through UC Mini browser, we can easily access the data within the short period of time. This app is mainly used for mobile devices and it can be downloaded on any operating system. This UC Mini browser updates at regular intervals so that you will be able to do your work with efficiently.

There are many user-friendly features are available within this app.

Features of UC Mini with the latest version:  The latest version of UC Mini has unique features that are following:

  • Smart Download Manager: It allows you perform multiple simultaneous downloads without the speed getting affected. You can also disable or enable the auto-reconnect option according to the user requirement. It has a smart track from which it is able to find empty space in your mobile.
  • Data Compression: This browser has compressed the data while downloading the contents. It also reduces data consumption when browsing the internet.
  • Own Cloud System: UC Mini browser uses its cloud system so that user can be stored data from anywhere and can be easily accessed from any type of device. It can be used by username and password so it is protected from any unauthorized access.
  • Incognito Browsing: Incognito browsing means you can do your work privately so that it doesn’t store the details in the history. Users can also disable the storage of data in cookies and flash cookies in this mode.
  • Night Mode Theme: UC Mini browser supports night mode which helps to protect our eyes and saves battery in nights.

Now, we are going to discuss its pros and cons of UC Mini browser as follows:-


  • Videos can be controlled with gestures.
  • Stylish user interface.
  • Navigation cards to navigate WebPages faster.
  • Able to search anything through voice commands.
  • It consumes less space for installing and downloading.


  • It is still less smooth rather than Opera Mini.
  • The file becomes invalid if you move, send or copy to it another device from the downloaded device.