UC Mini for Java

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UC Mini browser is very small in size yet it supports Java. Java is famous for its security and privacy purposes. Sometimes we notice that while surfing on the internet we are unable to open some files as browser shows the error message that files are not supported so please add-ons java. We see the error message because sometimes, the browser does not support Java. In UC Mini browser, we cannot see this type of java because it supports Java. Sometimes, we are unable to open the file and play games online because the browser doesn’t support Java. But with the help of UC Mini plug-in, we can easily play games online a can also open files.

Features of UC Mini Java:

Here are some features of UC Mini java are mentioned below:-

  • Supports Java: UC Mini browser supports Java because you cannot install or plug-in Java after the browser is being installed.
  • Helps in playing Online games: Mini version of UC browser helps you in playing video games online. You can play games without any break during the game.
  • Plays Videos well: Hence UC Mini browser supports Java, yet it helps in playing videos and enjoys movies without any buffering.
  • Supports bookmarks and clipboard feature: UC Mini also supports bookmarks to the users and clipboard feature is provided for simple copy and paste option.
  • Effective tool for searching: It is also considered as an effective tool for searching as it facilitates Google search, Yahoo, Bing, Gmail, etc.
  • Enables offline mode: It also enables you offline mode because it allows its users to save their favorite videos and files on their device.
  • Good web experience: It also gives you good experience because of its lightweight application and does not slow down your browsing experience.

Now, we are going to list some Pros and Cons of UC Mini browser for Java are as following:-


  • Very fast browser
  • Multiple windows are supported
  • Manager for inbuilt downloader
  • Multiple search engines are supported by handy search
  • Shortcut Keys are provided


  • Unable to handle images very well.